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Jaylin J. Young aka Lars Active is an upcoming artist that was born in Harlem (129th St & Lenox Ave) and raised in The Bronx. Son of Sheila Evans and Kevin Young and the youngest of nine brothers and two sisters is one of the reasons for his extensive knowledge in hip hop history and collaborating his late 90s era flow to a new Millennial drill/trap music era. Lars has more of a gritty style from the streets of both boroughs that causes the listener to constantly tap the rewind button to hear the pain, witty and overall fire that he sets to every track he is on. More notable than his bars is his ability to tell stories that resonates with his audience, he brings them on a journey through
the back blocks of NYC and tells a story that hits home for any artist that had to struggle and hustle for a shot at greatness. First introduced to music at the age of 5, writing his first rap at the age of 8 showed that influences like D.M.X, Jay-Z Big Pun and Drake has evolved him into a powerhouse of all around great music. Lars was raised in Harlem during one of the worst era in history, the crack/cocaine era.

Born to a world of poverty and destruction, he witnessed most crimes first hand. From drugs and guns to gangs and
murder, nothing was off limits, the streets he grew up on was raw. As the years progressed his older siblings began to venture off to begin their own lives, partaking in activities teenage Lars was to young for, leaving him to experience life on his own. Feeling misunderstood and ignored, the pen, pad and studio became his best friend. It was the only place he was able to express himself freely for all to hear. By age 15 he was deep in his love of music. In 2009 while spending the day in the studio with his brothers and cousins writing music young Jaylin would become known as the
now Lars Active, named by his older cousin who thought that name “just fit his persona.”
In September 2018 Lars dropped his project, “Activation Code.” The 9 track project is all flows and bars. “Activation Code” begins with an introduction where Lars explains what got his interest into Hip Hop in the first place. This is very refreshing because we learn who he is as an artist before he even spits on the beat. The Harlem artist definitely knows how to bring emotion into his music and ultimately that's what sets Lars apart. “They institutionalized my bro up in that hole, that’s a fact, they told him he aint have no family, ain’t never gon come back.” Lars uses a
high vocabulary but still keeps it real on every song. “F**k With You” is a romantic record on “Activation Code” that allows Lars to rap about what he would explicitly do for his lady of interest. “Activation Code” is the ultimate package with a mixture of slow songs as well as hardcore rap singles. “RNT” keeps up the vibe of the project. Lars diversifies this project and even dedicates a song to his mother titled, “Mama.” Lars lyrics are about his mother’s influence and his personal financial struggles. On the contrary, “Summertime Time” is a fun record describing the typical Harlem summer day.

The chorus is catchy with lyrics like, “Yeah, it's summertime, and she looking summertime fine you know the summers’ mine, looking for a summertime dime.”Going in to 2019 Lars has a number of events and new music coming up. He recently dropped his new hit single "Whole Plate", giving us a catchy southern feel showing his well rounded versatility. He also has a free EP coming entitled "41-39". Inspired by his childhood building, Lars says he wants his fans to take a journey into his early musical upbringing. Showing the early hip-hop he would hear
throughout his home and how he would want to "remix" those same classics. Immediately after, he has another project set for release called "Feature Presentation". Hence the name, Lars will give us a number of collaborations from up and coming and seasoned artists. Lars has appeared on ThisIs50.com, opened up for Dave East, worked
with Harlem neighbor SNS, battle rap veteran Goodz and more. From then until now Lars Active has gone on to write and record a number of songs. Ranging in a wide variety, from hardcore rap to Mainstream hip hop to R&B of his own style, Mr Active as he calls himself, music has captured the love and attention of many people. Lars is definitely aforce to be reckoned with.
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