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Haute Mama's Hot Mix Review of Brotherhood Project

What to say about The Brotherhood Project; more like what is there not to say. This album has a little taste of everything! It has great production with a nice variety of sounds with your club bangers, your hard hitting tracks with some old school feel, along with some smooth RnB inspired tracks with catchy hooks and smooth witty meaningful lyrical content. It also has your sexy love tracks; as well as a track for the Queens and Kings. All in all this album covers a lot of ground and I feel it's going to make waves in 2019!!!
Starting with the Brotherhood Project Intro which gives shouts out to all the FAM and has lyrics of unity among every race, religion, and creed sets this album off with a positive note. Followed by a Mad a track full of flow and a little shout out to the haters this album continues on with a little wit and humor. Then they hit you with The Gospel which has a old school feel and hard hitting bass and raw lyrical flow!! Then they hit you with the club bangers and the RnB inspired feel good tracks!! Get Up Featuring Honest Jaye is a definite club banger that I am certain would make any club goer want to do just that....Get Up out there seat and groove to the beat and dance the night away. Don't Act Like That Featuring Blacc & Mild another track that could easily spin as a jam on the radio or in the club and more than move the crowd. The hustlers fully on their grind mode will more than appreciate the next track on the album enititled Paper Chase Featuring Dread Bang. This track has a very catchy hook and inspires you to stay on that paper chase and keep your eye on the prize to achieve your dreams...This is the true hustlers theme song of 2019! Straight back to another club banger with Put You On. This is a track you would hit the streets to, and bump in your ride just to set the tone for your evening out on the town. If this track is setting the tone you are guaranteed to have more than a memorable time if you do remember it that is! Followed by a club love track I Like Featuring Sixx John. This is a sexy love song with some deep lyrical meaning. What more could you want!!! You might want a Dream Girl and this next track I feel is dedicated to all the beautiful Queens out there. It brings that sexy RnB feel with some sexy meaningful lyrics makes you feel the vibe for real and makes you feel like a Dream Girl. Then comes Outside which I feel is for the Kings that may feel that once upon a time they have been caught in the friend zone. This tracks speaks of a love lost and undying loyalty for love to hopefully be found someday. When you think it's all over they hit you with the bonus track She Gives Me Life with an nice sexy smooth RnB vibe and flow. Clear mad lyrical flow and content with meaning and feeling behind each verse.
This whole album brings it 110 percent from start to finish no mumble rap here. Every track brings the whole package, and has raw meaning and talent behind each delivery!!! I think this album is going to not only turn heads it's going to make heads bob, feet tap, and crowds move!!! I would play any one of these tracks on my show HauteMama's Hot Mix!! Always Bringing You The Heat & The Sounds Of The Streets, and as I always say " Until next time One Race One World One Love "
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