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Artist : Ivan Black "Gordo"
From : Queens,Jamaica NY
Age : 29 , Oct 11th 89'

Genre : Hip Hop, Rap (Versatile)
Platforms : SoundCloud , Apple Music , ITunes , Spinrilla , YouTube
Born In 1989 , Was Raised In Southside Jamaica Queens , Music was everywhere around me
growing up, my mom , a singer and my dad a Local Dj in the neighborhood , I couldn't escape
music. What Made Gordo Start Putting Words Together Was Writing Poetry At First.
And Once he Found Out What "Instrumentals" were, Gordo started Rapping The Poems he had
Gordo Came Up With The Name "Gordo" One Night While he Was Eating Lol.
he called himself "Sir Yung Luxury" Before That he felt like It Was Too Long, So him Being
"Gordo" (Which Means FAT In Spanish) he Just Went With It and It fits!
Gordo Represent My Brothers In My Team Which Is “YungLuxury” 1st Project Released Was
March 3rd Of 2017 Called "20YL" (10 Songs) After dropping his very first music project, He Quit
his Job To further Pursue his Music Career
New Project Coming Soon (Dec 22nd)
Newest Music Out:
“Feel Like The Man”
“Say Something”
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