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The brand new music video from UK artist Lukey Storey. Premiered via The Line of Best Fit, ‘What It's Like’ is a raw yet brutally honest depiction into the crevasses of his mind as he addresses concepts such as his addictions and mental health.

Making his debut as a musician, the latest offering demonstrates his lyrical mastery and is definitely one to get onto your radar.

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Lukey Storey debuts his video for debut single “What It’s Like” as it premieres with Line of Best Fit. Directed by Max Reginald Robson, the video flashes back to a younger Luke as he unravels his journey through both lyricism and visuals. True to its title, ‘What it’s Like' depicts what it is like for him as a musician and as a human being as he gets ferociously honest about his addictions, mental health, and his previous life as a tour DJ, painting a vivid picture. 

Whilst you may already know Lukey Storey given his legacy, which includes being BBC Radio 1Xtra's youngest DJ, he also built up a strong reputation where he has played hundreds of venues such as O2 and Jazz Café including during his period as Professor Green’s DJ under the name of DJ IQ for 8 years. However it is now time for Lukey Storey to share his own voice.  

Unearthing his deepest and darkest thoughts Lukey Storey unravels his story resurfacing his experiences from his upbringing to his previous life as a tour DJ. The sheer straightforwardness in addressing his experiences acts as a canvas to vent and articulate his inner feelings. Demonstrating his lyrical mastery, ‘What It’s Like’ not only exhibits his ability to construct compelling content but also his punchy vocal delivery. 

Creativity runs through his veins and he orchestrates an experimental sound that oozes with elements of Hip Hop. He binds this together with lucid imagery cleverly piecing together each fragment of the story he has to tell. His latest track not only marks the beginning of his fruitful journey it paths the way for him as a musician. 

Coming from a lineage of creatives, his inherent love and appreciation of the arts was acquired at a young age. He is the son of the fashion designer, now social artist, Helen Storey, his father was an Architect and his Grandfather is author and playwright David Storey. Delving into the world of music he won the under 15 DMC’s and he began producing and DJing, as well as working with other creatives with money he earned from making a film when he was 15. He taught himself how to scratch, compose and produce and began mastering his art. 

From producing tracks to playing behind the decks the next chapter in his career lies in being a recording artist. Following his own voice and constructing his unique sound, he has gone full circle, living the life of a wordsmith, the gift his Grandpa gave him. Eloquently etching his most deepest thoughts Lukey Storey shows ‘What It’s Like’ to be in his shoes. 

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