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The artist always listened to music, and then he had a proposal to start making his own music, at first he refused, but then he thought: maybe I will be famous in a week, maybe in a month or maybe never, but I will never achieve some goals if I don't try. He started working on his first album Invictus, that contains 12 songs, released 1 per month, and as the end of October 2018 the artist counts more than 500 k streams on Spotify, to be added to the other streams of others streaming services.



1. Where are you from? and introduce your self.
I was born in Rome, Italy, on the 31st of January and I have American relatives.
I never had a strong "relationship" between music, only after someone proposed me to start making my own music I understood how much I love creating music.

2. What made you think that you should pursue music as a career?
When was proposed to me to start making what I do I never thought that I would love so much creating music, I love going to the studio and write my raps and lyrics and I love meeting my fans.

3. How have music changed your life?
Music really changed my life. When I was young I was bullied and I was depressed, and music was for me as an escape to that hell that I was passing.

4.Who is your Inspiration?
Everyone inspires me, I think that what can you get and understand for someone is infinite, my last inspiration was mentioned on my last song "Let Yourself Go", I called her FDP.
My biggest influences for my music are Kanye West, Eminem, Rhianna and Nas.

5. Tell us about your upcoming project.
I'm finishing to release Invictus, my first album, I decided to release one song per month so that people could appreciate more every track of the album. My music projects are chapter of my life, Invictus talked about my life before music, my next album will talk about my life after it, and is going to be great.

6. Lastly few words for your fans.
I want to say thanks to my fans, every single one of them. Recently I reached 550k streams on Spotify, I never thought that I could reach that peak in this time.

Instagram: james.djj 

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