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Earl B is an American Hip/Hop artist from Arizona, USA who has been making music since early grade school. In the second grade he was in choir and was randomly selected to receive a prize from a box of various things. He instinctively chose an old strange looking piece of technology not knowing if it would work. With the battery replaced, and headphones connected, Earl had a working mp3 which happened to be full of Eminem and Doctor Dre. He started writing poems in the 4th grade and always maintained a high English grade. In the fifth grade, As Student Body President, Earl did a radio ad for the school at the local town radio station and completed the script in one take, which they said had never been done before. By the sixth grade Earl was writing song lyrics in the form of hip hop and playing around with beats. Fast forward a few years, he started releasing music online for free at the age of fifteen. He dropped out of high school Junior year to pursue music full time and never looked back.
In the late Summer of 2016, he released a five track EP titled Spaced. This was a project he spent eight months in total working on. It went on to generate over 300,000 views for him. Now, two years later, he has released a few singles “Time Lost (feat. High Definition)” , as well as a single from his upcoming EP which will be called “Spaced II”. During this time, he slowly built up a professional home studio using funds out of his college savings account instead of going to college. Today, he puts together music sometimes making a half a dozen tracks in a week. He also has his own Trademarked Record Label called High Desert Records which is a platform of local artists as well as a shop for music and merchandise.

www.highdesertrecords.shop  - (will be open on October 30th 2018)

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