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Who is DBe Ben?
DBe Ben, born as Benjamin McSwain, was born on January 31, 1997 and raised in Lumberton, MS. Known to be a class clown and a jock, he started taking music more seriously during his senior year of high school. It started when his good friend, Rooster, asked him to rap on a song with him. He wrote a few quick rhymes and it all took off from there. While working at a local gas station, he met a young rapper named Roy Rogers, and they begin to exchange raps. At this point, the thought of pursuing a rapping career was taken less lightly. One day, Roy Rogers invited him to the studio. It went from recording one song to recording a whole mixtape.

Wolves Cry to the Moon
The first song recorded on the mixtape is titled “Goats”. The song is said to have taken no longer than fifteen minutes. It was recorded before two other songs were recorded in the same day. The other two were “Yeah Yeah” and “Wildin”, which are also featured on the mixtape. After recording those three, DBe Ben and Roy Roger decided they should record the whole mixtape, Wolves Cry to the Moon, which includes nine tracks. The mixtape title came from an old Indian folktale that catch the ears of both young aspiring rappers. After listening to the mixtape, many friends and family told him he should pursue a solo career. He took this to heart and began writing some music on his on that is yet to be recorded. With the love and support from those surrounding him, DBe Ben is headed for greatness.

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