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TRU 210

TRU210, born Kenneth E. Jones Jr. on San Antonio's Eastside area where ghetto dreams were blown in the wind, and guns & drugs either made you or broke you. As lives were slowly being taken by the streets and job opportunities were very slim; TRU (including his brother Slugga & cousin Rated R) came up with the group and also the label BTP Click/Entertainment around 99-00.The trio released numerous mixtapes throughout the eastside of San Antonio. When Dutch, Pitt, Live Wire and Lem Lucky were signed, BTP was combined with another label created called 7 Figures.Their first album released was titled "7 Figures Records Presents...BTP: Bringin' Tha Pain Vol. 1" with the hit singles "Sikwitdaflow" and "Act a Clown".The sophomore album hit the streets soon after with hit single "My Block","Hood Fellas", "What U Drankin",and "Texas Boyz" feat. Double Up of 15.5 Ent.TRU continued his music with his cousin Dutch and his label Wise Guys Ent also working alongside with Bugzy and his label Hustle BLVD.
TRU then released his first solo project titled "Tone City Hustla:The Mixtape" which featured a lot of tracks from the previous albums including a few new ones as well. Tracks such as "Down Here","Stuntin' On Em","Imma Beast", and two freestyles featuring Bugzy...TRU got together with SelfMade the Beast and became a member of BeastMode Ent.Even though he was with BeastMode he still kept BTP/7 Figures Records printed on his work.TRU released "One Wit The Streetz Part 1" under BTP/ 7 Figures Records and BeastMode Entertainment with the hot street bangers "Don't Like Me", "Keep On Livin", "Goon To A Goblin", and "Miss Thang". The names "TRU" and "Selfmade The Beast" soon began to travel around the San Diego area thanks to DeeBossLadi(CEO/Promoter of BeastMode Entertainment)... TRU recently released his third project "One Wit Tha Streets 2" with the hit singles "Work", "Pimpalation (Paper I'm Chasin), "I'm On Fire", and "Get Yo Mind Right". Since leaving 7 Figures Records and creating a new label Hoodfellas Music Group; his fourth project "San Antone's own" was the first mixtape released under that label. TRU shows no sign of slowing down with his upcoming fifth project "Tha Blacc Tape 2"... He is ready to show the music world he means business.

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