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Resaan Makai

With the release of his hit single titled "23" Resaan makai has been the one to watch!! hailing from upstate NY the now 26 year old upcoming rap artist has been in the local media almost as much as the studio. His latest single 23 gained attention from Rap/Singer Jhonni Blaze @jzapalvonkrishna  as well as instagram model and comedian Mya @damn_homie__ as well as pushing almost 19k on soundcloud Resaan Makai is determined and focused to make even more of an impact with his next song entitled "Take it all in" the rap artist was last seen in Lake george's "Million Dollar Beach" filming alongside his friends for the summer vibe saying it would be the song he needs to push himself into the pop culture side of music and actually filmed the video right before his birthday on July 22nd and was also seen later that night at "The Reserve Nightclub" in saratoga spring NY.

Inspired by Drake, Lil wayne and Jay-z Resaan makai's music gives us that feel of authenticity and future hope from hard trap style to pop, as well trap&b we feel like resaan makai never disappoints us and always delivers he tells us he works day in and day out sometimes even sleeping in the studio for days at a time to make sure the music comes out as he envisions. His music is a reflection of the things and situations he's gone through as well as his hopes and dreams for his future and the music is very honest hoping that others can relate no matter how good nor bad the situation 

Smart, handsome, and talented it's safe to say this kid has a very bright future ahead of him and we will be keeping our eyes wide open for his next move you can listen to his latest song which is available on Itunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and follow him on instragram @resaanmakai

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