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"What the hell is an Epure?"

Epure is a Virginia born and raised producer/songwriter that happens to have a very fond love for pigeons.

Why? Because "Pigeons are always finessing no matter what, even in the worst places. They're too damn smart, you see them wherever you go and they always look lost, but don't doubt for a second that they know what they're up to. These 'flying rats' are majestic, loyal and just downright cute."

A lot of people say his beats are like 'a dream' , 'really chill but full of crank' , all while keeping his distinct and versatile sound that is easy to pick out. You hear an Epure track, and you KNOW it's an Epure track right off the bat. The amount of layering, finesse, and style put into his songs just give it away.

You're more likely to hear artists from his hometown of Alexandria on his beats, as well as many artists in the one and only DMV tri-state area (D.C, Maryland, Virginia). He's also made great connections with some of the most talented, intelligent and determined artists over the internet from whom you may also hear on an Epure track. It's truly interesting how he shapes his colorful and sometimes dark sounds to put you in a certain vibe every time with a tang that slaps harder than a Large McDonald's Sprite with EXTRA ice.

Join The Flock and follow Epure and his team as they fly through the journey of sound in the cockpit of his "biodegradable fueled studio."

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Twitter ~ @epure97
Instagram ~ @_epure_
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Soundcloud ~ ep97

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