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Rapper MID Low HIGH is from Jersey and fell in love with music listening to James Brown and Motown as a kid during chores on the weekends and Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Rakim and 80s Hiphop in his Pops car.. Mod Low High started making music when he was 10 in Fruity Loops and learned how to produce from the ground up. .When he was 17  he stopped producing and started focusing on rapping/singing. That’s what makes his music different; he uses his voice no different than any other instrument and manipulate it as such. That’s where the inspiration came for his name. Producers control and edit frequencies, your lows your mids and your highs. Mid low high has also battled with depression in the past so it’s a nod to the lows and the highs you go through dealing with depression. . One day he woke up, something clicked and he realized how to be relevant and unique at the same time.
He has a mixtape  entitled “See you there” earlier this year in Jan,

mixtape “See you there” exclusively on SoundCloud. This project has 11 back to back to back high quality engaging songs with no filler. “Arcade” third tape titled “Oh, BTW!” which dropped a month after “SEE YOU THERE”,

Be on the look out for my all star artist Trav2turnt! He’s really pushing the envelope in New Jersey and slowly becoming a house hold name.
His Instagram is @trav2turnt
His soundcloud is :

Instagram : @midlowhiigh

Soundcloud: midlowhighmusic

Twitter: midlowhigh_ 

YouTube: BFG the label

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