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Gray Crawford "So Much"

This song was written and Produced by Gray Crawford, in the song he is explaining the struggles in life that he's been thru on the street where we was raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Inspired by true events in his life my man's is setting it on fire right now in North Carolina and spreading like a wild fire burning down forest all thru the nation. Released by "Alion" Their heavy in the game right now dropping new music and showing love to the hip hop scene world wide with this real rap. Gassed up free styling versus of strait bars and producing bangers for your listening pleasure. Gray Crawford is pulling up on the freeway next to all these other bullshit rappers in his own lane, stepping on the pedal & letting the gas go leaving everyone in the dust! Check Out "So Much" by Gray Crawford & Show Some Love To Alion For Bringing You The Real Hip Hop!
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