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FMR is an aspiring artist from Detroit, MI. FMR has studied many type Genres of Music tho Hip-Hop has always been most influential.
As a child creating music was just a dream but as his passion for music grew, FMR knew what he had to do. In 2014 FMR went on to release his non-profit mixtape "What Flies Ahead" In hopes to grab the listeners ear. A few years later he released his second project "Burn It - ep" as a second installment to "WFA"
FMR is teamed with MGM (Millionaire Gang Music) FMR currently continues releasing music as an indipendent artist, tho one day plans to be amongst the great's.

1. Where are you from and Introduce yourself?
Of course. My name is Robert Beaker. Im from Detroit, Michigan.

2. When did you start making music and was it hard to find producers and beats?
I started making music when i was a kid but hadnt taken the craft serious untill around 2014.
Yes, at first it was very difficult to find the right producers that accomodated my sound but like anything you work at it gets easier and easier until it eventually becomes like second nature.

3. When is your newest project releasing?
Glad you asked! Im currently working on something new as we speak. Unfortunatly, theres still a few things up in the air so im not able to give an official date on the release yet. Make sure to follow me on social media to stay updated on everything you need to know!

4. Who is your inspiration?
Thats a difficult one. Ive had alot of people in my corner i could talk about. I could go on for days about artists who've brought me inspiration. But id have to say that my family and fans have been most inspirational. They show me love and give me a daily reminder on what i do this for.

5. What is your future looking like?
The future is looking good. Of course, nothing is ever said in stone but with hardwork and dedication to yourself anything can be accomplished. I just keep god and my family first.

6. How labels and your fans can reach you?
Im actively reaching out on all social media platforms. Just run a quick search on the ones you use daily. @theOfficialFMR







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