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1. How you come into music field? a little brief for your fans in Asia.
I grew up listening to artist like  Tupac, Biggie, Nas, JayZ, & Dmx and was inspired to become and artist

2. Being such a great artist i'm sure lots of struggle and hard work is behind, share any one of your difficult time with our readers.
Becoming a known artist is a definite struggle when you don't have the support or
investors to finance your music projects. Getting your music is one of the hardest things to do also because radio stations play what they wanna play.

3 .Tell us about some of the artists you have worked with and your experience with the artists.
Ive worked with many indie artist but my greatest accomplishment is being able to be featured with a LEGEND such as Snoop Dogg on my new single Don't Disrespect. Working with KZ has been great as well because it's not many dope artist like us still in the business.

4. Do you have any up coming projects for our readers to look out for?
I'm working on and album that i have not yet titled and i'm still working on films such as (Will He Cheat) that did more than 50 Million views online.

5. Will you try your skills in any other entertainment medium?
I'm not just a rapper/songwriter i'm also and Actor. Acting and comedy has increased my following in a major way over the past few years.

6. Best friend in the music industry?
One of my close friends in the music industry is Lil Zane and were working on a few projects entering second quarter. We both have took our talents to acting as well as creating music for the hip hop culture.

7. Any message to your fans or to the world?
I aim to teach with my music and inspire young kids all over the world who come from being poor like i did, Hopefully i inspire young men and women to never give up on their dreams and use others Hate for fuel the way i did.

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