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Introduction : lacman is a cool down to earth young multi talented artist from nashville, tn !! He can song write, make beats, engineer, shoot videos, take pictures, and anything else he puts his mind to... Lacman is 26 years of age and has a million dollar the sky is the limit mindset.. Lacman has been doin music on and off four about 6 years teaching himself more about the business and perfecting his craft.. Lacman is apart of a record label created by a couple of his closest friends that goes by the name of real life entertainment...
Lacman will be releasing a ton of new singles this year including a mixtape and more than likely an album.. Lacman takes pride in his music and believes his music will be legendary.... Lacman is guaranteed to create "The ultimate wave"
You will be able to find his music on any digital distribution site!!!
Check out his new single lacman bankroll.

1. what music means to you ?
Music truly is my life.

2. what made you think that you should pursue music as a career?
I've always liked and listened to music.... I've created my own lyrics to beats and people tell me that I really have a talent that shouldn't go to waste..

3. how have music changed your life?
Music has made me more responsible I read more I'm on schedule I take it as serious as running a business.

4. music have no boundaries , how much you believe in this?
Music has no boundaries at all no matter how u are feeling at the moment it's always someone out there who feels the same exact way or can relate but just can't put how they feel in words.

5. lastly few words for your fans .. Specially for asian fans.
Thanks for supporting I'm not trying to be your favorite artist I just want to get spun in your playlist!!!! I have music clothing and stickers coming soon stay tuned..... You can get our shirt at spfyofficial.Com

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