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Chaise Mugga

Xzavier jackson, better known as     'chaise mugga' was born and raised on syracuse's south side in the hart of the '3 won 5' influenced by the late great notorious b.I.G, stack bundles, trav, and slaughter houses joe budden. Chaise then fell in love embracing the hip - hop culture that was the moment he knew he would pursue hip - hop himself.  He adopted the stage name 'chaise mugga' (the definition of chasing paper) emerging on the battle rap scene in 2016 showing his lyrical ability in 'spit cha barz' youtube videos delivering killer word play, sticking and jabbing with mike tyson styles punchlines. Chaise vs rahman (2016 facebook video clips)  my nigga 's' see how I bought dat 'h' thru, all you heard was ooouuu, when he pulled that out before dat 'l' see that's the reason I play school, cuz you dumb niggas, be da first ones knocked off and smoked like k2 but this weapon will quite shit down, start knocking niggas blocks off tetris! (mugga)

1. Introduce your self, who is chaise mugga?
I am a 315 born and bred native.  Grew up on the south side of syracuse.  Been around music since I can remember and always took a liking to the beat and rhythym of music.  It wasn't until my brother put me on to mobb deep and c-n-n that I began to listen to the lyrics.  When I started "Listening" to the lyrics I began to really become one with the music.  A while later I moved from fan to artist.

2. Any difficulties you faced when you were new in this industry?
I'm not signed to a label or anything like that.  So nah, I wish I had more time to make a bigger push, I know I got the skills to really put out some dope work.  I rock with my group-mate da misfit.  We put out a classic joint, that true hip-hop heads will definitely rock with

3. Are you signed to any label?
Not signed to a label.  But always looking to put work in front of someone who will listen. Got to find those avenues.

4. Tell us about your upcoming project.
Currently not working on any music.  I have been focusing on battle rap. To me, battle rap is more creative and least restrictive form of hip-hop

5. Any message to your fans or to the world?
To those that listen and miss hip-hop get back to listening to the lyrics and continue to push artist that are about saying something that makes sense.  Also let's put the good music back to the forefront!

Facebook - chaise mugga |  ig - chaise_mugga
Soundcloud - c.H.A.I.S.E mugga

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