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In your City is an absolute smash hill The first thing noticeable about this track Is the beat. The production on this Imp beat is Flames itself, but It doesn't stop there. The catchy hook is so perfectly laced, you automatically get tuned In the moment you hear It. If you enjoy getting money & trap music than this Is one definitely for you. Written & performed by artist Lachlan, coming straight sun. Nashville,  ea. His focus now Is on Introducing his music to the world. He's currently working on the awaited project "Retrieving Buried Treasure TM Mee," that will soon be dropped on & other platforms alike. Inspired by artist such as J.Cole. FoDOlous, T I, Storll. & Eminem .With dreams to travel & have simile( success with music as the ones who inspired him. Certainly off to an amazing start of Ms career with the new single le Yo City, rate this single 5 outta 5 Ram., Click the link below to listen, Download & (or) share.

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