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P-Lo and Rexx Life Raj Prevent Fights on New Song - Always

P-Lo is one of the many humming craftsmen leaving the Bay Area at this moment. At first known for his amazing creation working with the HBK Gang, P is equipping to drop his performance extend, More Than Anything, giving fans the chance to perceive how he has advanced as a craftsman.

The main single from More Than Anything is "Continually" highlighting individual skilled Bay Area spitter Rexx Life Raj with generation by Cal-A. Rex and P rap about being disappointed on account of the consistent battles amongst them and their huge others.

"More Than Anything is demonstrating every one of the layers I have as a human and craftsman," P-Lo said in regards to the new tape. "I'm a hyphy wad of vitality yet a few people believe I'm all slaps—will demonstrate to them that I can accomplish more than that. This music is produced using my encounters, originating from genuine spots. More than anything, this venture is about me venturing out to demonstrate the world my identity."

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