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1. now being an artist im sure your perception of life must have changed....so how you see life now?
After being locked up a portion of my life then joining the army and becoming involved in politics I see the bigger picture. They want us to argue racism stay silent on real issues and keep oppressing ourselves. That's why they fund garbage rap about selling Crack and killing each other rather than knowledge of hiphop. Hip hop is social and political movement. Not just graffiti b-boys/girls, djs, mc's

2. you only wanna stick to the hiphop in this entertainment field or you think you have other skills that you wana show ?
As a production team we've already been dabbling in other genres. Gospel r&b and rock. You can see a hiphop/rock mash live session on YouTube: ninexruff.

3. hiphop is your passion or you were trained in it before stepping in this industry?
Hip hop was the accidental first step in the healing process from oppression and oppressed inner knowledge of the people pushed by the establishment.  It chose me at a young age.

4. whats the trick to remain focus?
1st rule of hustle never rely on one hustle and 2nd not all money is good money. #NoSellOuts.

5. lastly speak your heart to your fans?
I just want everybody to understand that everybody has trials and tribulations that nobody else can fully understand. A lot of my music is about that rather than turn up get high and f heauxs. It's real out here and what you bring to the table is what you encourage. I encourage live peace and knowledge of the people. My lyrocs mean somethung so listen close. That's what I stand for. That's what I stand on. #GloryToTheMostHigh

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