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1. Who is saaein, introduce your self ? how do you separate yourself from other artist ?
My name is Mohsin Abbas and i am doing software engineering.
Let me tell you how i become "SAAEIN". SAAEIN is a kind of personality which is a bit different from common people and also his thoughts are different because he always thinks about the things which are happening in his surroundings what is wrong and what is right and mostly those which people ignore easily. I seprate myself from other artists because i have started Rap in my mother tongue Saraiki and i am the only Saraiki Rapper and i always write about the people who are needy but do not get help. I always try to write about real issues which are happening every day.

2. How did you entered in this entertainment industry and tell us about your upcoming project.
I choose rap because it is a good way to convey message and with this its easy to raise voice against what is wrong and even its a better way  to tell people to stay in unity and fight with the issues together. I am realy thankful to my university of Lahore especially UOL Music Society to encourge me and for giving me the best platform where i have showed my talent. Now i am leading the rap community in my university.
I have always tried to insipere people with my words so, my upcoming projects will be the best source of inspiration for youth and its about "MEDA WASEB" my first album is dedicated to my "SARAIKI" fellows.

3. Whats would be your dream venue in which you want to perform?
National Assembly.

4. Any message to the new comers?
message for new comers is to get rid off your boundaries, be limitless and do whatever you want. God be with you guys.

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