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First Lady Of XrayVision | Mizz Nene

My name is Mizz NeNe and I am originally from Louisiana but I reside in North Carolina and I am
the first Lady of XrayVision.I started rapping last year when I was 24 years old but do not sleep on me, I sound like a seasoned Vet (LOL). I made a name for myself when I gave the world “Breath Of Fresh Air” my debut album last year October 31, 2015 (TRICK OR TREAT-LOL).God and the love of my life my FiancĂ© Tee Will who has my back like a 100 grand keeps me focused. I have been seeing a lot of wack music coming out lately which just makes me want to give them my “Grown Man Bars” as a couple of my fans have said.First and foremost, I am not a rapper I am an Artist. My biggest accomplishment as an artist is putting out my FIRE ass debut album “Breath Of Fresh Air” which generated a little following and getting knocked up in the studio (HaHaHa).I want to tell all my supporters that I have been a little off the map lately since Tee Will and myself are expecting our first child. Hey but do not sleep on me my sophomore album “Rajun
Cajun” is dropping New Year’s so be on the lookout. I dropped some beautiful gems I hope yall
pick them out. Also a special shout out to my 2 little sisters (DIVAS) Lexie and Sasha and say how
very proud I am of the both of them and all their accomplishments and continue to make me a
proud big sister. Also to my one and only team XrayVision, we are on the rise to bigger and
better things, (DON’T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH) Vroom!!!! Gone!!!!!

Links :
facebook.com/MissNeNe91 | YouTube.com/TeLisaSmith
soundcloud.com/telisa-nene-smith |reverbnation.com/nenexrayvision

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