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Exclusive Interview With YV Sippi

1. How did you entered in this entertainment industry and tell us about your upcoming project?I started rapping at the age 16 over time i developed a unique sound threw ballteam music group i got the shine i needed to come out as a full fledged artist with distribution threw Black Tiger Music and this was my introduction to the Music Industry.2.whats would be your dream venue in which you want to perform? 
My dream venue would prolly be a sold out house of blues or the famous staple center on my Jay-Z grind.3. how do you separate yourself from other artist?i separate myself frm other artist with a mixture of music i can drop lyrics to anything including pop or rock to a nice country beat very diverse with a unique sound a southern swag with a midwest flow.4. what hiphop albums did they grow up listening to?
growing up i listen to 36mafia playa fly johnnie taylor nelly savage life webbie was one of my favorites growing along side nas i never really had a favorite it was a mixture of different artist.5. how can fans access your music? do you have a website with a samples songs or a soundcloud link? 
fans can reach my music on soundcloud Ballteam/yungvet spinrilla 4 the love of the money the mixtape YouTube 6ixshootasippi and under my old stage name sippi da saint or facebook yvsippi i upload music daily.6. what has been your biggest challenge as a an independent artist?
My biggest challenge as a independent artist is getting around the right crowd to push my music finally threw ballteam and black tiger music groups this is no longer a problem with fans across the world after 3 months of promotion with my hit single grind and for the love of the money im a house hold name which has open up doors to paid shows and verse im now on my way.7. did any one supported you in this music business?
A:Starting out i had the support of family and close friend for awhile i couldnt get over tbe slop and i have Sony connect BMI has open door to venue and people i had noway of getting in touch with.8. any advice to the people who have a great urge to step in this industry? 
A:The only advice i give to artists thats tryna enter this industry never give up pushing follow your dreams and let the negativity be motivation to your successful journey and remember it takes money sometime to make get the ball rolling never be afraid to invest in yourself if u believe.

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