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1. what strggle did you made to make a name in this music world?
Being that Im 17 and I have been in and out of the juvenile System for the past
3-4 years... I have made a lot of fans but, I'm also currently working on making
a bigger name as my first CD is being released this week. I dug in, didn't give up,
stayed loyal to friends, worked hard and made a name for myself by doing
what I love despite all the obstacles in my path.

2. what made you to come in this industry?.....who is your inspiration?
When I was young, my brother Floyd and my stepdad were making music and I
became interested. When I first got to perform on stage as a little kid with my
stepdad, I, then knew I wanted to perform. It was then that I knew I wanted to
be heard.

3. What makes you keep going and focus as an artist?
My moms support & my fans keep me going and able to focus. I stay writing
and in the studio as much as I can for my fans because I feel like I need to be heard.

4. I'm sure you have lots of fans.... where can your fans find you....

5. Who is your inspiration?
My brother Floyd, because he's actually the real reason I started doing music.
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