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New Music: Tae Zu - Lok & Ki


If you been paying attention to underground hip hop you might seen Tae Zu name pop up. He is an artist out of El Paso, Texas that is about bars, and delivery and that writing. He got an indie style that is hard to forget. His sound a mix of styles. Almost sound like some Texas vibes from another decade and for sure got that east coast sound with the way he rap over them beats. The composition of the music sits just right with his rhyming. 

The project that just dropped is Lok & Ki. This guy a creator because even the album name is a bar. Wordplay define how this guy work his writing style into tracks and he almost sound like some rappers from back in the day from Def Jux. The tracks are short and make sense to be this way because he ain’t featuring every artist in the hood to make the record pop. Check it out here and make sure to follow the man.


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