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Lil Zebb (Zebb)

Lil Zebb (Zebb) is a multi-genre music producer / recording artist hailing from New Jersey. His style sometimes blends different genres of music into a unique hip hop blend.

Born Chris Iacobino in Englewood, New Jersey, Zebb starting getting involved with music (piano and drums) when he was just six years old. Zebb launched his career during his time serving abroad in the US Marine Corps. He was deployed to the Middle East multiple times and was injured during his overseas combat deployments. While deployed, he ran into a fellow Marine who was producing hip hop beats in the armory. It was at that moment when Zebb was born and the subject matter of his music was created. Zebb pulls from his deployments, time in the military, and mental health treatments when writing his music.


1. When did you think to choose music as a career?
I started producing music as a toddler... my parents got me a keyboard when I was six and drums when I was eleven. I made my first full song when I was 12. I grew up with music, so when I got out of the Marine Corps, it was a natural occurrence for me to wind up as a musician.

2. Have you got any set standard goals in this industry?
Not really. I am just experimenting and improving continuously and truly listening to input and feedback from my fans. My only goals are to make good music, stay alive long enough to make my parents proud with my music, and remain humbled by the constant feedback by some of the best fans in the world.

3. Any fun thing you experienced while being in this

I crowd surfed off stage during a festival performance. Id say every artist has to do this at least once in their career.

4. Tell us about your upcoming music project.
I'm super excited about this new project I'm working on with EJ and YXNG; we started a group calld GothBoi$inner$ and just released our first single you can find on soundcloud.com/gothboisinners.

5. Any message to your fans or to the world?
Stay up with me, I hope to constantly improve and show you that anyone can do this. Love all of you.

6. Where our readers can find you online?
snapchat: lilzebbverified


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